5 questions I have after watching the Santa Clarita Diet trailer

This morning, Netflix released the new trailer for Santa Clarita Diet, a series featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as California realtors whose problems aren’t limited to just selling houses. Barrymore’s character, Sheila, has a taste for the flesh and things are about to get bloody.  The thirteen episode series drops on February 9th.

As I watched the preview, I had a couple of questions…

1.Is Drew Barrymore’s character a zombie or a cannibal? I can’t figure it out from the preview. Her son talks about her being a zombie, but I’m not sure I’m convinced. If she was a zombie, she would most likely go after her family. At least, that’s how it’s always been in other movies. I guess I need to know the rules of this show so that I can figure it out. Maybe that’s why they have to hide the body parts of the people she eats. So that they don’t come back as zombie cannibals too. I don’t like when genres mix, so I’m kind of confused.

2.Will there be gruesome deaths or will the deaths be comedic? The preview has a lot of blood in it. Heck, the two main characters are dumping body parts in the middle of the night and it’s a pure bloodbath when they spill them all over the ground. But, is that where it ends? Are the actual kills going to be CGI or did they throw in some makeup and practical effects. Wow, I already have more than five questions!

3. How do they decide who she gets to eat? I know that they will eventually touch upon this in the show and it’s an intriguing concept. I hope that they do it in a way that makes sense, although it is a comedy.  Also, I hope that they portray the characters as people who we actually care about. I love crazy stories, but I need a little bit of depth to them.

4. Is this basically like Weeds but with eating people instead of selling drugs? Crazy suburbs, need to make some money. Maybe they start killing off people so they get their houses to sell and their real estate business flourishes. And things start to go well for them, but then too many people know about it and things go out of control. This kind of sounds like a tested formula for these kind of series. I hope they do something different with it.

5. Am I looking too deeply into this preview and should I just try and enjoy the show?At first watch, I kind of sighed and wrote this show off. I’ve watched a million zombie movies and I feel like the genre is pretty saturated with various viewpoints. However, this doesn’t look like a pure zombie show, so I’d like to at least check out what caused the main character to want to eat people. I’ll give it a chance, but from the trailer it seems like a show that is a comedy with small splashes of horror. Sometimes when genres mix, it is great and other times, it doesn’t work. Guess we’ll have to wait until February to find out.



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